Why use a broker?

You may only need to arrange finance once every few years, so it is hard to be up to date with what's going on in the market. Because I do this all day everyday, I know what information the bank require and can present it in a way that saves time and stress. I know what banks are up to, who is hungry for business and who is offering what. Also every bank has it's own unique set of rules, and different lending criteria - so although one bank says no, you may comfortably qualify under another lenders criteria.

How much will it cost me?

Usually nothing - My service is absolutely free!. The banks etc pay me for doing their job for them and taking them the business.  

However, occasionally we have to charge a fee if there are some adverse factors and we have to use second tier lenders. However we will discuss this before proceeding down that line.

Why not just go to my own bank?

We keep the banks honest. Often your own bank is the best option and we can take the loan there on your behalf, but also check out the opposition to ensure you are getting the best possible solution. It is amazing how banks compete to get a new client on board, but often neglect their existing clients.

Should I fix my rate / for how long?

Everybody's circumstances are different, with some people benefitting from fixing their mortgage rate while a floating rate is suited others. Customers should not just follow the crowd whenever the market moves - Get advice!