About Us

Kiwi Mortgage Trust was established in 2001 by Jill Feierabend, a Registered Financial Adviser.

Jill Feierabend

Jillian Feierabend is a member of:

  • NZMBA - New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association
  • PAA - Professional Advisers Association
  • Allied Kiwi Ltd - Largest Adviser Aggregation Group in NZ.   
  • My office is situated at 71 Mellons Bay Road in Howick.

We believe that relationships are built on trust and integrity.

How The Loan Processs Works

  • Initial Interview
  • Loan Application 
  • Loan Submission (within 24hrs of receiving required information)
  • Lenders  decision (within 2-7 days)
  • Pre-approved, Conditionally Approved, Fully Approved or Declined
  • Property Located
  • Loan Documents sent from Lender
  • Solicitor prepares for settlement
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Funds to Complete
  • Settlement

  • Documents Required

  • Proof of Identity
  • Bank Statements (last 3 months)
  • Letter from Employer or 2 recent Payslips 
  • If Self-Employed - last 2 years tax returns and financial statements
  • Proof of existing Rental Income 
  • Proof of Proposed Rental Income
  • Copy of Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Details of deposit paid if any
  • Rates Notice on any existing owned properties
  • Recent Statements from Credit Cards
  • Recent Statements for all Personal Loans, Leases etc
  • Copy of Loan Statements for 6 months on any existing Mortgages
  • Home Insurance Certificate for all properties owned
Professional Advisers Association New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association