Kiwi Mortgage Trust

Let me help you achieve your dreams - Take the stress out of organising your next home loan. I specialise in helping first home buyers, second home buyers, investors, refinancers and professionals.

"Whether mortgage rates are rising or falling, it is always smart to speak with a mortgage adviser to talk through and negotiate the best rates, terms and loan structure."

Protect your biggest asset – YOU!!!

Your ability to work to provide for your family could be your most important asset - make sure that you protect it.

I can help ensure financial security for you or your loved ones if disablement or death means that you can't earn.

Personal Insurance is designed to help protect your family, cover your debts and can provide a lump sum payment or a regular income when you can’t. With our income protection or mortgage repayment product, if illness or injury prevents you from working, you’ll know that life can continue for your family and you, without the pressures of wondering where the money's going to come from.

Kiwi Mortgage Trust

People often think they don't need any insurance as they are young and healthy and nothing will ever happen to them.

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  • A copy of my disclosure statement is available on request, free of charge.